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Woman with tooth pain

Going for a dental visit doesn’t have to be a pain

Tremble with trepidation every time you visit the dentist? You can’t let fear get the best of you — it could cause more than a cavity. “You can’t have general health without dental health” says Dr. Jason Baker, dentist practicing with Valley Dental Spa in Okemos. “So many times people treat their mouths as separate entities from the rest of their bodies. Studies suggest poor oral health can contribute to heart disease, strokes and clogged arteries. It can make diabetes more difficult to control. If those reasons aren’t persuasive enough to help you overcome your fear of visiting the dentist, take heart. Local options from sedation dentistry to dental spa are available.

Why You Have to Go

The health benefits of maintaining oral health are widespread. Good oral health can help you maintain a healthy weight. “Oral health impacts how well you can eat” says Dr. Baker. “If you’re in pain, you can’t eat the same healthy diet others can.” Make sure to keep your gums healthy by thoroughly brushing and flossing. Baker says women should discuss potential health issues facing them with their dentists

Overcome Fear

“Some dentists give IV sedation to patients. If someone is so fearful they can’t get through a procedure any other way, that’s one way to go. But I think if you let your dentist know you’re afraid and find someone who will proceed with you slowly and will make you comfortable and communicate well, that’s the most important thing for you.”