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Valley Dental award

Professional Services Entrepreneurs: Valley Dental Spa

Dr. Martin Valley, owner of Valley Dental Spa in Okemos, says that receiving his Entrepreneurial Award was “a truly humbling experience.” He first and foremost thanks his wife and co-owner, Dawn.

Valley opened his dental practice in 1991. Several years into the work we changed the focus of our practice. We thought the spa atmosphere would take it to a whole new level. As it turns out, that was putting it mildly. In 2004, they opened in their current location. Valley says that moving to the spa experience, “seemed like a natural progression, or common sense sort of thing, because a lot of people [are] apprehensive about going to the dentist,” and he and his staff do all they can to make the experience more relaxing. Their goal is to make sure patients leave feeling better than when they walked in the door. “We’re really trusting in where God’s leading us, and it’s OK to say, maybe it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense financially, but this is what’s best for the patient to make them feel special. That’s the bottom line.”

Dr. Valley adds that the work atmosphere they’ve developed makes it easy to find new employees, because people in their profession, including the hygienists and dental assistants, “really are in it to serve other people.” The couple has considered the possibility of franchising, and has looked at locations as a possibility in the future.”
Valley’s advice for entrepreneurs of all ages is simple: “You find out what you’re passionate about, whether it’s serving people, [or] if it’s something else–whatever God created you to be–and you just dive into it 100 percent. Do it the best that you possibly can instead of going halfway. If you’re not fully invested in it, it’s not going to succeed.”